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What Our Relationships with Banks & Credit Unions Brings

JFC Advisor Network Hosts Annual Advisor Training and Networking Meetings

JFC Advisor Network hosts several advisor training and networking meetings throughout the year. Annually, we conduct a one-day mini-conference organized around a dual-track agenda that offers both advisors and their staff information and training.

A mid-year meeting includes our B/D’s annual mandatory firm element/continuing education. There is also a presentation from a sponsor, designed to expose advisors to a new product or provide commentary on current events affecting the financial markets. The day isn’t all work, though. The latter half of this event’s agenda is more physically invigorating. To encourage networking among the advisors, the educational component of the agenda is balanced with a round of golf. Regardless of handicap, the time the advisors spend on the course with their colleagues is great fun.

JFC National Networking Coalition

JFC launched a new initiative in 2012 –– the JFC National Networking Coalition. Each year a new Study Group consisting of 10-12 advisors will be formed. Since group members are located coast to coast, monthly meetings are held via conference call. The agenda is determined by the study group membership. The JFC National Networking Coalition offers a unique opportunity for JFC advisors to connect with each other, regardless of geographic location, and:

JFC Newsletters

An additional value-added resource is JFC’s newsletter. Not all advisors and staff can join us at the scheduled meetings, so we produce a quarterly newsletter – The Red Rock Report – as a way to stay in touch. The newsletter includes scorecard data, announcements about upcoming firm and B/D events, compliance updates and the popular Spotlight column.
JFC’s friendly staff, broad and deep resources, and seasoned experience at supporting advisors can help you run an efficient, productive and enjoyable practice. Call us today to confidentially discuss how JFC can help you reach a new level of success.